Jul 21, 2021

Nashville Bar Association creates new publication, with David Anthony to serve as state-court editor

By Exo Legal,

On July 20, 2021, the Nashville Bar Association unveiled a new initiative, a legal authority page called Notable Trial Court Opinions. Anthony Legal’s David Anthony serves as a Co-Editor of the project, with David’s primary focus on cases and matters decided in Davidson County Circuit and Chancery Courts.

This will be a quarterly update on any written judgment, memorandum of law, or case opinions that is of importance to the practitioners. The goal of the newsletter is to provide summaries of recent notable decisions coming out of the Davidson County Circuit and Chancery Courts and the District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee.

While the project will not address every key decision that is issued by these courts, the editors’ goal is to select cases that will generate the broadest interest among NBA members.

The first edition of this newsletter can be found here.

All members of the NBA (and non-members) are encouraged to pass along any trial court decision that is particularly timely or interesting, and any such submissions can be forwarded to David’s email address.