May 23, 2022

Lawyers give back: Why we’re supporting the Window of Love this month

By Exo Legal,

When the pandemic started in March 2020, Nashville, Tennessee, was already dealing with another disaster—a devastating tornado that ripped a 60-mile path of destruction during the overnight hours. Schools closed because of the tornado and then didn’t reopen because of the pandemic, which created a lot of need in a little amount of time.

Enter Samaria Leach, who started serving lunch to the kids in her North Nashville neighborhood who weren’t otherwise getting it from their schools. She called it the Window of Love, because she was handing out food from the front window of her house. What started as a tornado and then a pandemic service has turned into a full-blown, small but mighty nonprofit, which is about to enter its busiest season once schools dismiss this week.

But it’s not just the lunch that kids line up for. As the name suggests, Samaria and her small Window of Love team aren’t just filling up kids with their favorite foods—they’re also filling them up with love and confidence and the belief that they are special and amazing and, well, loved.

The Window of Love is this month’s recipient of our donated billable hour. We encourage you to learn more about this impressive organization and its big-hearted leader. Better yet, show up with your kids when the Window is open and see it in action. We promise you’ll be impressed with what she’s created.