Jul 24, 2023

Lawyers Give Back: We Support Nashville Justice League

By Exo Legal,

When there’s not a president on the ballot, voters tend not to turn out. In the 2020 presidential election, just over two-thirds of Nashville’s registered voters showed up. In our last mayoral race? Only 20 percent. Don’t even get us started on last year’s ballot that decided who sat at the front of many of Nashville’s courtrooms. Only 11 percent of registered voters cast their votes that day.

To say that we have a voter turnout problem is an understatement. And that’s why we’re happy to support the Nashville Justice League with our billable hour donation this month. A coalition of three grassroots organizations, they’re doing the difficult feet-on-the-ground work of getting eligible voters excited about registering to vote and/or heading to the polls.

What’s interesting is, they like to focus these efforts on all eligible voters (including future voters) and not just the ones who are most likely to vote in the next election because they voted in the last one. Getting more people to exercise their right to vote? We like the sound of that.

Learn more about their work at