Nov 9, 2023

Lawyers Give Back: We Support Legal Aid Organizations in Memphis and Nashville

By Exo Legal,

The cost of hiring a lawyer has skyrocketed over the past decade, with large segments of the population unable to afford legal representation to help them deal with critical issues impacting their job, health, and home.

We at Exo Legal feel that providing pro bono legal services to those in need is the greatest way a lawyer can serve the community. We back that up in our own pro bono work: Our efforts have been recognized by the Tennessee Supreme Court, which has named David as an Attorney for Justice for 7 straight years.

Our support doesn’t end with volunteering. In fact, our own Lawyers Give Back program’s origin is rooted in David’s experience as the leader of his prior firm’s pro bono work. Faced with any lawyer who declined or was unable to attend a legal clinic, David invited that lawyer to “contribute a billable hour” instead.

October is “Pro Bono Month” in Tennessee, and this month’s billable hour goes to two organizations that are dedicated to advancing and defending the legal rights of low income citizens who, otherwise, could not afford counsel.

In Nashville, we support the Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands, which is Tennessee’s largest nonprofit law firm and a leader in protecting some of Middle Tennessee’s most vulnerable citizens.

Due to our Memphis roots, we always look for ways to support organizations helping Memphians in need. Memphis Area Legal Services provides civil legal representation to low income families throughout West Tennessee. They handle upwards of 4,000 cases a year, but are unable to help all who need them.

Both of these organizations are staffed by passionate lawyers who face a near impossible challenge every day. They welcome your help in overcoming these challenges.

I urge you to volunteer. If you’re unsure about when, where, and how, reach out to me, and I’ll help and, probably, go with you. Lawyers and non-lawyers are welcome. You’ll meet great people, do good, and come away with a better understanding of the world.

If you can’t volunteer, then give money. You can contribute one here: Donate to Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee or Donate to Memphis Area Legal Services.