Jan 29, 2024

Lawyers Give Back: Millions of Conversations doesn’t shy away from tough topics

By Exo Legal,

When we moved into new office space this month, we were excited to see a familiar name on the building directory—Millions of Conversations, a Nashville-based nonprofit that centers its work around civil discourse and unity. At a time when divisiveness seems to be at an all-time high, we appreciate the efforts MoC is making to bridge divides and remind us of the things we can agree on. “When we remember our common values, we can dream of a shared future,” their reasoning goes.

The organization was born out of an unlikely friendship between MoC founder Samar Ali and a onetime opponent. Even though they were miles apart on their viewpoints, they became friends who agreed to disagree in the most civil way possible. Founded in 2017, the organization does a lot of its work through events and participation on panels, but they’re also out there having conversations (and rebuilding trust) in communities where divides run deep.

Since 2021, Exo Legal’s Lawyers Give Back Campaign has donated at least one hour of work to a charity helping people in our community or in our world. We are proud to support the good work of Millions of Conversations with this month’s donation.