Feb 14, 2024

Lawyers Give Back: Martha O’Bryan Center addresses poverty with heart

By Exo Legal,

Like a lot of cities, Nashville is experiencing unprecedented growth Also like a lot of cities, Nashville is grappling with the impact this unprecedented growth is having on its residents. Less than a mile from downtown Nashville is a part of town that is experiencing this impact firsthand.

Cayce Homes, which is Nashville’s largest public housing complex and boasts one of the city’s lowest average household incomes, is also home to the Martha O’Bryan Center, which has been in operation since the 1890s to support and uplift local communities struggling with generational poverty. Specifically, they serve 15,000 children, youth and adults every year in every Nashville zip code. Center is really an understatement of the ways in which they serve Nashville families. They offer a variety of services focused on education for all ages, career development, as well as stability and support services for individuals and families. They also operate two K-8 charter schools.

In addition to cash donations, they maintain a wish list of items needed for the communities they serve. There’s both an Amazon wish list as well as a list of staples that can be taken to their headquarters location.

For more than two years, Exo Legal’s Lawyers Give Back Campaign has donated at least one hour of work to a charity helping people in our community or in our world. We are proud to support the good work of the Martha O’Bryan Center with this month’s hour.