Nov 21, 2022

Lawyers Give Back: Help Second Harvest Food Bank Feed the Hungry

By Exo Legal,

This Thanksgiving season, we support those who help our community feed their families.

This month’s “billable hour” goes to Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, whose Hunger Never Takes a Holiday fundraising campaign reminds us that there are thousands of families in Middle and West Tennessee who may not enjoy a special meal this holiday season.

It’s stunning to think about how pervasive a problem like hunger is in our country, and it’s equally amazing how great an impact the smallest contribution can have. “Every $1 donated to Second Harvest provides 4 meals to hungry children, families, and seniors.”

Second Harvest stretches your money wisely: 96 cents of every dollar donated goes to feeding the needy. It’s a great organization, doing essential work in the State of Tennessee.

I am happy to support them this holiday season, and I hope you’ll consider joining me. You can learn more about them and donate here.