Jan 28, 2024

Exo Legal Lawyer Approved as Rule 31 Mediator by Tennessee Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission

By Exo Legal,

David Anthony was recently listed as an approved mediator by the Tennessee Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission. The Commission administers the procedure for training and approving mediators for use by the courts pursuant to Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31, which established court-based alternative dispute resolution on a state-wide basis.

David has frequently appeared as counsel for clients in dozens of mediations and judicial settlement conferences for clients in his career, but, over the past few years, other lawyers and courts began to ask whether he could lend his experience in a more “hand on” way, by becoming a listed mediator himself.

While mediation is just a small aspect of our practice, the real benefit may come from the training itself. David studied at the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute, in Memphis, Tennessee, led by Stephen Shields, with intensive training focused on  mastering listening, empathy, communication, and dispute resolution–skills that translate across all facets of a lawyer’s practice.

Having represented clients on all sides in a variety of commercial litigation, David looks forward helping lawyers and community members resolve issues in an amicable way.

We’re off to a pretty fast start. In just one month, the Exo Legal team travels to a rural county in Northern Tennessee with another ADR graduate to lead the first-ever mediation volunteer session general session court, where we hope to spark a long-standing tradition of volunteers to mediate eviction and other small claims disputes.

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