Dec 7, 2023

David Anthony Interviewed by The American Lawyer About Growth in Nashville’s Legal Market

By Exo Legal,

The American Lawyer recently interviewed David Anthony regarding the “stampede of national law firms” coming into the Nashville market and the impact of this growth on the local industry and on clients.

Over the past five years, the exponential residential and commercial growth in Nashville has created unprecedented demand for lawyers in all corners of the Middle Tennessee legal market, resulting in an influx of national law firms into the area. The growth comes at a cost, the article notes, as many law firms that are acquired by larger firms are forced to increase rates and face greater risk of potential conflicts with long-time clients.

While many Nashville law firms see the only path to remain competitive in the new market is to join a larger firm, many firms value the economic and culture benefits of staying independent, as noted by David. David’s own story about building a lower-volume, client-centered firm is offered as a counterpoint to the typical “bigger is better” narrative seen in many of these articles.

To read the full article, “Big Law’s Flood Into Boomtown Nashville Tests Client Loyalties,” click here.