Jul 12, 2021

Anthony to teach at Belmont College of Law for Fall 2021 semester

By Exo Legal,

We are excited to share that the Belmont University College of Law has invited David Anthony to teach as an Adjunct Professor for the Fall 2021 semester.

David will teach “Client Interviewing, Counseling & Communication, Practicum,” which is an upper-level elective focused on examining the communication and related skills lawyers use in all aspects of their relationships with clients, including  the initial interviews and throughout the engagement.

“Practicum” courses are a unique aspect of Belmont Law’s curriculum that are designed to expose law students to the “real world” aspects they’ll face in the practice of law.

David is very excited about the opportunity to share relevant lessons and wisdom he’s learned over his nearly 22 years of practice. “In many of the law journals, there’s a lot of talk of being a ‘client-centered’ law firm in order to remain competitive in the 21st century legal market,” David says. “Providing legal services that focus on the client isn’t an novel concept to our firm–it’s part of our DNA, and I look forward to sharing my approach with the next generation of lawyers.”